Creating a Listing on Indie Pro: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Download Indie Pro
Ensure you have the Indie Pro app installed on your device. If not, download it from the designated app store.

Download IndiePro for Android on the Google Play store
Download IndiePro on the Apple store

Step 2: Signup for a Basic Account
Create your account by signing up with the necessary details. Provide accurate information to enhance your professional profile.

Step 3: Verify Email
Complete the account setup by verifying your email address. Check your inbox and follow the verification link provided.

Step 4: Navigate to Profile Settings on the App
Access your profile settings within the app to manage and customize your professional information.

Step 5: Click “Become a Seller”
Initiate the process of becoming a seller by clicking on the designated option in your profile settings.

Step 6: Create a Listing Once Approved
After your seller status is approved, open the app and proceed to create your listing.

Listing Requirements:

1. Description
Provide a concise and professional description of your work and background. Highlight major jobs or collaborations to showcase your expertise.

2. Service Title
Craft a compelling title that accurately represents your service.

3. Category
Select the appropriate category for your service, such as “Movie Soundtrack Production.”

4. Service Type
Specify whether your service is available locally or online.

5. Host Location
Indicate the location where your service will be hosted.

6. Availability
Set the timeframe for your service, specifying both the starting and ending dates.

7. Price
Specify the pricing details, indicating whether it is a fixed or hourly rate.

8. Duration
Clarify the expected duration of the session in terms of hours or days.

9. Images
Upload high-quality images relevant to your service. Note that selecting new images will replace existing ones.

10. What’s Included?
List at least one item or service that is included. For models, actors, or cameos, you may simply state “Make an appearance.”

11. Sample Product Link
Include a sample product link to showcase a specific product or service, allowing potential customers to explore your offerings more thoroughly.

12. Checkout Instructions
Provide clear instructions for the checkout process to facilitate a smooth transaction.

13. Sample URLs
Include links to showcase your previous work or portfolio, giving potential customers a glimpse of your capabilities.

Follow these steps diligently to create a professional and appealing listing on Indie Pro.

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